Friday, February 12, 2016


Not only for the PlayStation Network or multiplayer games you should have Internet access.
Internet is necessary for the update of the Blu-ray drive for movie playback from Blu-ray or DVDs or streaming to handheld variant PS Vita.

This update includes all the same 1:50 300 MB and also allows devices like iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones can be used as a second screen.
By pressing the Share button of Dual Hocks screenshots can be created or you can record videos of your game success and share directly to Facebook or Twitter. Or one chooses equal the live broadcast via Ustream and Twitch.

Even the multi-log in or gamble during downloads will be possible only with this update. That you which games get know on the PlayStation 4 to its best advantage, we have a video for you:
Trailer for best PS4 Games
PS4 Game patches 

A PS4 with integrated Wi-Fi for the Internet connection is important for the games themselves: Game patches of games manufacturers provide such updates for the operating system for error-free playback. Therefore, it is advisable to check the game-buying, whether a day-one patch is necessary. For example, The Evil Within came with a permanently low frame rate and jerky sequences and was unpatched state rather an impertinence. Patches are useful for bug fixes in the games, generally want the manufacturer rather that customers download the games and offer demos and promotions for download. If you already have refrigerators Internet connections, you should not be on dry his 

PlayStation. 4

Many games can gamble offline course, if you can do without Multiplayer via Internet. There are also free-to-play games such as War Thunder, in which the user need not be afraid costs through the PS Plus membership to have. It is rather awkward to load firmware on the PC and transfer the data. We recommend the PS4 to online games to use and only strike when PS4 deal, when you try to connect to the Internet.

At Amazon, there are the PS4 currently at a low price!
Everyone has a PS4, just under your TV still is a gap? If you think that this situation should be changed urgently, accessorise but online retailer Amazon times a visit. The Internet giant Sony skin Daddelkiste currently out at a bombastic price of 296.96 euros. It already is the new model with a matte hard drive cover. Under the hood, rattles a 500-gigabyte hard drive.

The package includes as usual the console and a controller and an HDMI cable included. Regular beats the PlayStation 4 is currently at a price of 349 euros. So make sure you get when ordering a rich discount. The left retained money you can invest directly in games of your choice. In this area, Amazon keeps ready countless bargains. If interested, you should strike quickly, as long as the price remains low, is unclear.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

3d Sounds

Creative has launched its new external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5, an external sound card to be employed with XBox One and Play Station 4 consoles with a reduced size that will add to the games support for 7.1, amplifier surround sound for headphones, sound of HD quality of 24 bit and 192 kHz, and the advantages technology Scout Mode exclusive of Creative, allowing you to anticipate your opponents when playing video games, extending the critical sounds of our enemies.

New Creative Sound BlasterX G5 laptop sound card allows virtualization 7.1 audio by BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro technology, whether your stereo sources or multichannel, to provide effects and audio with a positioning and accuracy that border on perfection. And if your users want to get the best results, get them through the use of Sound BlasterX H5 or H7, the same series helmets Sound BlasterX. The new Creative Sound BlasterX G5 is a new generation card that mounted chipset multi core SB-Axx1 and combines perfectly with the audio SBX Pro Studio software, which improves and transforms the stereo mix into a sound positional 3D in your headphones.

The new Creative Sound BlasterX G5 also has software, for PC, Creative BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro which allows the most demanding players customize their audio profiles according to the genre of game you are playing. This software is designed to reduce distractions and improve the essential plays audio, giving players a greater advantage. Players can now experience audio quality unprecedented thanks to this technology in Creative, with more realistic surround sound and immersive and a substantial increase and better bass. Listen to details did not know or that existed! The complete and customizable version of BlasterX Acoustic Engine is available for the Sound BlasterX G5. Because playing titles in action, MOBAS, strategy or adventure games, Creative has the perfect sound for your PC or console, PS4 and Xbox One profile, obtaining an advantage that may prove vital.
Music 3d relax

Built with components dedicated to audiophiles, the Creative Sound BlasterX G5 comes up to 24-bit/192 kHz and thanks to its digital-analog converter USB and achieves a ratio signal noise of 120dB. It has an amplifier for earphones and 2.2 ohm of impedance of output for high-fidelity sound. It also allows to use study monitoring systems in-ear up to 600 ohms. The volume control is illuminated and also added dedicated buttons for the SBX and Scout Mode which allows the volume quickly or make adjustments quickly while playing.

Sound BlasterX G5 offers 7.1 surround sound, headphone amplifier, sound of HD quality of 24 bit and 192 kHz, and the advantages technology Scout Mode, exclusive of Creative, allowing you to anticipate your opponents when playing video games, extending the critical sounds of our enemies.

The portable G5 allows 7.1 audio by BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro technology virtualization, whether from stereo sources, or multichannel, to provide effects and audio with almost perfect positioning and precision. The best results will be obtained using Sound BlasterX H5 or H7, the same series helmets Sound BlasterX. Sound BlasterX G5 is a card of new generation to assemble multi-core chipset SB-Axx1 and merges perfectly with audio SBX Pro Studio software, which improves and transforms the stereo mix into a sound positional 3D in your headphones.

Scout Mode is a technology that allows you to hear your enemies before anyone else, or any related sound that can give any clue as to its position. Thanks to the proprietary technology of Creative, sounds hardly unnoticeable, as the steps of approaching enemies, or even the type of terrain on which are stepping on, are now easier to recognize, offering a definite tactical advantage in combat.

Audio Concert

There is more to take a look at the photos to recognize the good work being done by Yamaha in dealing with the design of your high-fidelity equipment. The new MCR-N670 looks an undeniable looking design premium also remembers the good times of the big Hi-Fi equipment of eighty thanks above all to the distinguished silver finish and the design of the buttons. It is that both the amplifier and the player have the same finish aluminium with side panels in black colour, a design that had already been in other Yamaha teams but that is undoubtedly successful and will appeal to those seeking a modern equipment but elegant appearance.

But let us now to the equipment specifications. As we have said above, the MCR-N670 is a team made up of two bodies, amplifier more player, and two speakers size pulling to compact, though not small. Both the reader and the receiver also continue this premise, since width 314 mm for each module, the new Yamaha has a compact size but not to the narrowness of the backgroud sound systems. In terms of performance, the amplifier offers 65 Watts power per channel at 6 ohms, a fairly provided data to the size and configuration of the speakers. The amplifier module is characterized by its few controls, showing only the required command for volume on the right side of the front panel, more three controls for bass, treble and balance stereo. As you will notice the more observers, the amp has no input selector. The explanation is that all signal distribution work is done in the player. This component has a CD player, tuner FM radio, USB port, and most importantly, network through Ethernet port connection but also wireless over WiFi, Bluetooth and AirPlay. Thus, the MCR-N670 is capable of playing the music stored on computers, hard disks in network, tablets and smartphones with a maximum of 96 kHz and 24-bit quality, and of course also that you play streaming through any of these teams from Spotify, Google Play Music or even YouTube.
Audio Concert

Finally, we can not overlook the compatibility of the new MCR-N670 with Japanese giant MusicCast multiroom audio system. This allows the new Yamaha to connect with any other compatible with MusicCast we have in house to share music. For example, if we have the MCR-N670 in the lounge and a speaker WX-030 in a room, we can hear the same song on both devices. MusicCast possible in addition to send audio from any source that we have connected to the computer. Although great MusicCast utility is to send a different song to each of the teams that we have available on the network. All the system is controlled from an app available for iOS and Android, from which we will define what song sounds in each room, or send the same music to all players. The new Yamaha MCR-n670 is already available, and their recommended retail price is 740 euros.

Drafting Deporpress | José Luis Martí said Friday that "we have to be more precise than in the last party to be able to generate". CD Tenerife coach offered today in the usual Press Conference prior to each meeting, which this weekend will be to the people of Tenerife before the Numancia (16:00 hours, Movistar +), rival which, according to Marti "play and they do not let you play, press well and they will complicate the exit from the back to steal in and out against".
Feelings-"always are positive, with the idea of trying to win the game and get three points. "We have worked well this week correcting things and are ready to compete and try to win".

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sony audio

Sony says that we need music in quality High-Res, that is 24 bit/96 kHz or 192 kHz. Samples with more data and taken more times to better resemble the analog signal. It sounds very good, but no study is capable of ensuring that the human ear can enjoy these wonderful frequencies that Sony, Pono and others say that we lose.

Although it is not harmful to add support if the products are good. Highlights the presentation of a player, as he has done Technics with the relaunch of the SL-1200, showing the triumph and resurgence of vinyl.

"PS-HX500 designed for the music lovers," says Sony and is aimed at audiophiles and high range with a design very careful since the new tone arm until melted under pressure and the base plate. The arm assembly incorporates an anti-slip device and a system of entrance of arm. It also includes a moving magnet with easily adjustable balance and tracking force.

You have a dish melted under pressure and is powered by a belt with a two-speed motor and includes a sound base of high density of 30 mm, with a 5 mm of new design and four feet insulating rubber pad. It is the classic design, aimed at enthusiasts.

The funny thing is that the player will allow to convert audio from vinyl to digital audio DSD format can be listened to on a computer or player Sony Walkman Hi-Res.

Sony has introduced a wireless speaker of reduced dimensions and audio in high resolution through your bluetooth transmission technology.

Also the headphones h.ear on, Bluetooth wireless headset with noise reduction digital and large battery and the h.ear in headset, In-Ear Headphones subject behind the neck, intended for sport.

Sony, whose headphones tend to always have an emphasis on the warm sound and bass, has submitted a range aimed at lovers of bass. On the one hand they advocate more neat sound fidelity and the other creating products destined for coloring the sound. Strange, but these contradictions have always been own as large as Sony brands.

They are speakers with juvenile looks, even one of them has a disco light. Clearly they are not destined to the audiophile audience.

Three products, a speaker, headphones colorful headband and others more to the back of the neck, are part of the new line of Sony wireless devices with audio in high resolution, entitled Sony h.ear. range LDAC is the protagonist to provide such high quality, 990 kbps, wirelessly.

The first device, the h.ear go, comment at Sony is to date the speaker the world's smallest, wireless, high resolution audio. It comes equipped with EXTRA BASS technology for more powerful bass, includes compatibility with Google Cast and Spotify Connect with Bluetooth connections and NFC - to play with just a touch between devices-your battery lasts up to 12 hours and can connect with others of the same species (mode multi-room).

The h.ear on headphones, wireless headset and colors, stand out for the reduction of digital noise, autonomy up to 20 hours, a titanium coating to eliminate unwanted vibrations and because its design seeks an optimal grip avoiding there is a gap between such headphones and head.

The last, the h.ear in other headphones are wireless, but that are placed around the neck, bring support of HD voice and microphone to occupy them as hands-free and include a minijack input if load is finished and touches take hold of the wired to the phone or MP3 Player connection.
In terms of the digital image, the new camcorder Handycam 4 k, FDR-AX53 model is equipped with a new Zeiss lens with 20 x optical zoom image sensor of high sensitivity, with a size of approximately 1.6 times larger than the current model pixels. Thanks to the Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology eliminates the blur in all recording modes with a 5-axis image stabilization to be used even when it is in motion. To complete the new range of products Life Space Sony UX, presented the speaker LED bulb which is a light bulb to enjoy music wirelessly, and a single 10 cubic cm miniproyector capable of projecting an image from 56 cm to 2 meters.